Urban Transport Crowding and Congestion

Publication Date
13 August 2019

This supplementary report to the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit provides a snapshot of urban congestion and crowding in 2016, based on the population and transport networks of our six largest capital cities and their satellite cities and regions. The report also provides a projection of what congestion and crowding could look like in 2031, if infrastructure investment does not keep up with the pace of demand.

Infrastructure Australia’s updated modelling estimates that road congestion and public transport crowding cost the Australian economy $19.0 billion in 2016. Without continued infrastructure investment in our cities, this report suggests this cost will more than double by 2031 to reach $39.8 billion.

This report also identifies a significant opportunity to improve infrastructure decision making by strengthening existing models and evolving them to respond to future uncertainty.

Technical reports by Veitch Lister Consulting

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