Frequently asked questions

The Assessment Framework is changing in line with amendments to the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008. Find out more here

What is Infrastructure Australia’s role in assessing proposals?

Infrastructure Australia is the nation’s independent infrastructure advisor. We advise governments, industry and the community on the investments and reforms needed to deliver better infrastructure for all Australians. We evaluate and prioritise infrastructure proposals to identify the most important infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years.

Infrastructure Australia does not fund infrastructure projects. We assess infrastructure proposals and advise government on which infrastructure proposals represent a priority for investment. Our advice is not influenced by known or anticipated funding commitments – it is independent advice based on robust evidence.

When to submit a proposal to us

There are two reasons to submit an infrastructure proposal to us:

1.  To have the proposal considered for the Infrastructure Priority List. We will determine if the proposal is nationally significant and suitable for the Priority List.

2.  For review where $250 million or more in Australian Government funding has been committed. We are required to evaluate business cases with funding committed above this threshold.

What criteria do we use to assess proposals?

We assess all proposals against three criteria:

  • Strategic Fit – is there a clear rationale for the proposal?
  • Societal Impact – what is the value of the proposal to society and the economy?
  • Deliverability – can the proposal be successfully delivered?

When can I submit a proposal?

You can submit a proposal to us at any time. If you are making a submission for the Infrastructure Priority List, please contact us at so that we can discuss your submission and the assessment process, including a mutually agreed deadline to submit. Submissions are considered at regular meetings of the Infrastructure Australia Commissioners.

The Infrastructure Priority List is published digitally, and we regularly update the Infrastructure Priority List as we assess new proposals, making it a live document.

How can I submit a proposal? 

Visit our submit a proposal page to find out the basics, or download the Overview of our Assessment Framework for more detail. 

To better understand this process, take our online training course. 

Who can submit a proposal to us?

We accept submissions from Australian, state or territory governments (including government business enterprises) that conform to the relevant jurisdictional guidelines, so long as they include all the required information as set out in our relevant submission checklists. We recommend you engage with us early so you understand our requirements for submission.

Proposals may have multiple proponents but must be submitted by an Australian, state or territory government. To be accepted for assessment, proposals submitted on behalf of another entity e.g., a local government or private sector proponent, must demonstrate Australian, state or territory government support that Infrastructure Australia assess the proposal.

We welcome proposals relating to transport, energy, communications and water infrastructure. This includes programs of related works and programs for network optimisation.

To submit a business case (a Stage 3 submission), your organisation must be capable of delivering that proposal.

Where can I find examples of projects Infrastructure Australia has assessed?

You can search the Infrastructure Priority List, which is regularly updated, to see which investments have been prioritised across the country.

You can view past evaluations to see what the Infrastructure Australia Board has evaluated and why the decision was made.

Where can I find out more?

Our Assessment Framework provides the information you need to develop high-quality infrastructure proposals for submission to us. It provides a guide for best-practice infrastructure development and explains our requirements and process for assessing proposals.

You can also take our online training course for an overview of the process, and to gain access to further training with us.