Our values

We have worked with our staff to co-design a set of organisational values to guide our work. These values demonstrate the type of impact we want to make as an organisation. They help orient each of us in how we go about our work on a day-to-day basis.    

Our values: we are independent, we make a difference, we collaborate, we are respectful, we continuously improve.

We make a difference

We use our influence for the benefit of all Australians, we promote best practice, focus on outcomes, we are purposeful, pragmatic and relevant to our stakeholders.

We lead change.

We are independent

Our independence is a privilege that we use to drive better outcomes. We act with integrity and speak with a credible voice.

We represent the community.

We collaborate

We communicate openly and warmly. We share information, work as a team and build trusted relationships with our stakeholders.

We enjoy working together.

We are respectful

We value each other and our differences, we treat each other as equals. We are strengthened by diverse voices and engage stakeholders with humility.

We embrace diversity.

We continuously improve

We pursue excellence, we are resourceful and diligent, embrace change, look for new ways of doing things and keep learning.

We are innovative.