Sustainability Principles: Infrastructure Australia’s approach to sustainability

Publication Date
09 April 2021

The Sustainability Principles explain and guide Infrastructure Australia’s approach to sustainability.

This document also outlines the role of infrastructure in promoting a sustainable community and ensuring infrastructure supports sustainability outcomes.

The purpose of this document

Sustainability and sustainable social, economic, environmental and governance outcomes are increasingly important to the community, industry and government. All levels of government are attempting to maximise value for money investments and prepare for climate change while taking into account international commitments. 

Sustainability is already a key consideration in our research, with the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit highlighted the benefits of adopting sustainability enhancing approaches to infrastructure assets and the associated risks of inaction.

With this in mind, we have developed Sustainability Principles to guide our approach to sustainability. The principles enable us to adopt a consistent approach to inform our policy reform agenda and our infrastructure assessment and prioritisation functions. We have also identified how we will promote, support, reflect and communicate sustainability across our work.