Our Structure

Infrastructure Australia is managed by the Chief Executive Officer who reports to the Infrastructure Australia Board. The CEO is supported by an Executive Leadership team overseeing five key functions:

  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Infrastructure Prioritisation
  • Policy and Research
  • Corporate Affairs and People
  • Finance and Operations

This information is accurate as at 25/09/2019

Infrastructure Australia organisational chart
Romilly Madew, Chief Executive Officer, Adam Copp, Chief Operations Officer, Peter Colacino, Chief of Policy and Research, David Tucker, Chief of Infrastructure Assessment, Robin Jackson, Chief of Infrastructure Prioritisation

Infrastructure Australia teams

Office of the CEO

The Office of the CEO provides governance, finance, reporting, logistical and administrative support to the CEO with the aim of enabling the position to engage effectively with key stakeholders and make well-informed and timely decisions about Infrastructure Australia's operations.

Corporate Affairs and People

The Corporate Affairs and People team is responsible for:

  • Organisational strategic planning and reporting
  • External engagement with Infrastructure Australia’s diverse stakeholder groups (including government, industry, the community and media)
  • Internal engagement with its employees, ensuring that Infrastructure Australia operates at the best possible level of capability and positioning Infrastructure Australia as an employer of choice in both the Infrastructure and Government sectors
  • Strategic Information and Communications Technologies

Email: Adam.Copp@infrastructure.gov.au

Policy and Research

The Policy and Research team identifies challenges and opportunities facing the infrastructure sector and promotes best practice and innovation policy and non-build solutions.

The team’s analysis informs Infrastructure Australia’s investment advice, supports decision-making by governments at all levels, as well as informing industry and the community.

Infrastructure Australia develops:

  • 15-year Australian Infrastructure Audits (the Audit), needs assessments for Australia’s infrastructure sector
  • 15-year Australian Infrastructure Plans (the Plan), policy responses to the challenges and opportunities identified in the Audit
  • A report on progress on implementing recommendations in the Plan, Prioritising Reform
  • Annual reports on Infrastructure Market Capacity for the First Secretaries Group of National Cabinet
  • As well as promoting and developing public awareness of the infrastructure sector, including through the sharing of data.

Email: Peter.Colacino@infrastructure.gov.au

Infrastructure Prioritisation

The Infrastructure Prioritisation team reviews and provides advice on the quality and feasibility of major infrastructure proposals across government jurisdictions on the basis of strategic fit, economic, social, environmental value, and deliverability.

The team is responsible for the maintenance of the Infrastructure Priority List (IPL). They also evaluate Initiative and Project submissions (which inform the IPL) in accordance with the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 (Cth) and the Assessment Framework.

Email: Robin.Jackson@infrastructure.gov.au

Infrastructure Assessment

The Infrastructure Assessment team conducts research and provides advice on best practice approaches to infrastructure planning and appraisal. The team is responsible for review and update of the Assessment Framework, which sets out the process Infrastructure Australia uses to consider Initiatives and Projects for inclusion on the Infrastructure Priority List. The Framework outlines a staged, evidence-based approach to infrastructure development, assisting proponents to develop submissions to us, and ensuring that rigorous planning and assessment underpins investment decisions.

Email: David.Tucker@infrastructure.gov.au