Infrastructure Australia advises governments, industry and the community on the investments and reforms needed to deliver better infrastructure for all Australians.

What do we publish?

Reports - what we publish

Australian Infrastructure Audit

The Australian Infrastructure Audit takes a forward-looking view to assessing our nation's infrastructure needs, and examines future challenges and opportunities.

Infrastructure Priority List

The Infrastructure Priority List is a prioritised list of nationally significant investments. It provides decision makers with advice and guidance on specific infrastructure investments that will underpin Australia's continued prosperity. It draws on evidence from the Audit and proposals from proponents around Australia.

Project Evaluations

Project evaluations are detailed, independent assessments of business cases for major projects.

Australian Infrastructure Plan

The Australian Infrastructure Plan provides a roadmap for infrastructure reform that responds to the challenges and opportunities identified in the Audit. The Plan sets out detailed recommendations to deliver better infrastructure for all Australians.

Reform Series papers

We publish additional data and research on how best to implement this reform roadmap through our infrastructure Reform Series. This is a series of more detailed advisory papers intended to strengthen the evidence base for the key recommendations in the Australian Infrastructure Plan.

Prioritising Reform

We also regularly report on progress in infrastructure reform. Prioritising Reform provides an update on the progress of infrastructure reform against the recommendations in the Australian Infrastructure Plan.

Infrastructure Decision-making Principles

We provide guidelines for better infrastructure decision making in our Infrastructure Decision-making Principles. These aim to promote greater accountability and transparency around infrastructure projects, and aim to reduce the occurrence of major projects receiving funding before thorough assessment has taken place.