Resilience Principles: Infrastructure Australia's approach to resilience

Publication Date
24 June 2022

The Resilience Principles explain and guide Infrastructure Australia's approach to resilience.

We are committed to ensuring that infrastructure assets and networks are designed, delivered and maintained to help improve Australian communities’ resilience.

The purpose of this document

Since the summer of 2019, Australia has faced the COVID-19 pandemic, a record-breaking bushfire season, extensive flooding and drought, geopolitical risks and cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure networks. These events showed just how critical infrastructure is for safeguarding communities, ecosystems and the economy.

The high levels of exposure and vulnerability of our infrastructure and communities, along with the compounding impact of the disasters that Australia has experienced over the last two years, is a warning sign for the uncertainty and risk to our safety, livelihoods and economy that lies ahead.

This document defines Infrastructure Australia’s approach to resilience in the infrastructure sector. It also outlines our view of the role of infrastructure in promoting resilient communities and ensuring infrastructure supports resilient outcomes.