Infrastructure market capacity

Australia is on the cusp of an unprecedented wave of investment in public infrastructure projects, with investment in major public infrastructure over the next five years across Australia exceeding $218 billion. This scale of investment, and the rate of growth to achieve it, has never before been seen. 

The scale of demand for skills and resources is highly likely to exceed the normal capacity increases expected in the market. Demand for plant, labour, equipment and materials to deliver the major public infrastructure pipeline over the next five years is forecast to be two-thirds higher than the previous five years (to 2019-20). 

For the first time, Infrastructure Australia's Infrastructure Market Capacity report provides a new evidence base for a comprehensive understanding of the supply and demand of the skills and materials critical to deliver Australia's major infrastructure pipeline, and associated risks in planning and delivery. This evidence base will also support decision making and help ensure value for money outcomes from our future infrastructure investments.