Infrastructure Priority List

Infrastructure Priority List

Following amendments to the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 (IA Act), work is being undertaken to reform the Infrastructure Priority List (IPL) to create a more targeted list aligned to the priority outcomes of the Australian Government. 

IA is consulting with key stakeholders on the implementation of these changes. 

While this transition process is underway, IA will continue to receive and evaluate proposals according to the current process and assessment framework.  

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The Infrastructure Priority List is a credible pipeline of unfunded nationally significant proposals.

Graphic showing the stages of the Infrastructure Priority List


The Priority List contains proposals in the key stages of project development, from Early-stage (Stage 1), Potential investment options (Stage 2) to Investment-ready proposals (Stage 3).

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We also evaluate funded proposals

The Infrastructure Priority List only includes proposals that are yet to receive funding from the Australian Government. When we evaluate an Investment-ready proposal that has already received a funding commitment from the Australian Government, we publish an evaluation summary that focuses on the delivery risks for that proposal and opportunities to realise project benefits.

All of our evaluation summaries are published in the Project Evaluations section of our website.