Infrastructure Priority List

The Infrastructure Priority List sets out the investment opportunities that can deliver nationally significant benefits to Australians. It guides decision makers towards the infrastructure investments that will support productivity and quality of life benefits for Australian communities.

Every proposal on the Priority List has been rigorously assessed, to give decision makers and communities confidence that they are worthwhile investments. This process is detailed in our Assessment Framework.

The Priority List is a live resource and is updated regularly.

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Key themes in the 2021 Priority List

Four icons: a box, a building, an electricity cable, water drops

International gateways: Opportunities to develop export gateways to support our international competitiveness.

Supporting regional communities: The Priority List places a strong focus on economic development and service quality for remote and regional communities. This includes proposals to drive digital connectivity, internet quality and digital health services.

New sources of energy: New proposals to expand the role of renewable energy in the National Electricity Market, enable hydrogen exports, invest in dispatchable energy sources and provide renewable energy to remote communities in the Northern Territory. 

Water security: Proposals to support water security in Perth and Greater Sydney; and to secure and utilise productive water in the Bowen Basin, South East Melbourne and the Barossa Valley.

We also evaluate funded proposals

The Infrastructure Priority List only includes proposals that are yet to receive funding from the Australian Government. When we evaluate an Investment-ready proposal that has already received a funding commitment from the Australian Government, we publish an evaluation summary that focuses on the delivery risks for that proposal and opportunities to realise project benefits.

All of our evaluation summaries are published in the Project Evaluations section of our website.