Why work with us?

Great work culture

Infrastructure Australia is in the top 25% of surveyed companies for how aligned and engaged staff feel with our values and goals. Recent staff surveys show that staff feel empowered, autonomous and proud to work here. (2021 InSync staff survey)

Work on history-making projects

We offer our employees the chance to work on national projects like the Infrastructure Priority List, Australian Infrastructure Audit and Australian Infrastructure Plan. As a national advisor to government, our advice helps shape infrastructure reform and investment in Australia, to deliver better outcomes for Australian communities.

Working with us, you will have the chance to develop contacts in industry and government and prove your capacity to work on national-level work programs. As we continue to innovate our practices and expand our influence, you will have the chance to build your skills and challenge yourself professionally.

Competitive remuneration

We remunerate responsibly in accordance with the environment we operate in, providing competitive remuneration and superannuation.

Professional development

We understand that continual learning and development is a key part of job satisfaction and career progression.

Our performance management framework encourages managers and employees to meet regularly to discuss progress, capabilities, ambitions and development opportunities. As a member of our team you will have the opportunity to take ownership of your career, working with some of the most experienced people in our industry who are dedicated to enhancing infrastructure outcomes.

Recognition and reward

We know that every member of our team plays a key role in the success of our organisation. That’s why we have co-designed a recognition and reward program with our staff to ensure that high-quality work is called out and rewarded with new opportunities. 

Workplace flexibility and health and wellbeing

Maintaining a positive work/life balance is an important part of staying engaged and productive at work.

That is why we provide access to a range of flexible working arrangements, to help you balance your professional and personal life. This includes options for part-time work and flexible working arrangements with direct line manager to help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Attractive leave provisions

We provide attractive leave provisions including:

  • Annual leave: Annual Leave is paid time out of the workplace for employees. Infrastructure Australia believes it should provide employees with a period of rest and recuperation, enabling employees to achieve work-life balance and be healthy and productive. IA provides 4 weeks Annual leave and Personal leave 18 days per annum.
  • Christmas closedown: up to three extra days of additional paid leave when our offices close over the Christmas period.
  • Parental Leave: At IA we are proud to say we are a leading agency to provide 18 weeks paid leave at full pay; or 36 weeks leave at half pay.
  • Compassionate Leave: Compassionate Leave allows an employee time out of the workplace when an immediate family member or household member dies or suffers a life threatening illness or injury.
  • Community Service Leave: Community Service Leave is provided to employees so that can be absent from work to undertake an eligible community service activity. Eligible activities are jury service or a voluntary emergency management activity.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ceremonial Leave: Infrastructure Australia recognises the integral role that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have in our community and our workplace. Infrastructure Australia is committed to providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees the opportunity to attend activities important to their cultural beliefs.
  • Domestic and Family Violence Support: The purpose of Domestic and Family Violence Leave is to support employees who need time away from the workplace because they have, or are, experiencing domestic or family violence.