Assessment Framework

Publication Date
16 July 2021

Following amendments to the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 (IA Act), IA is working on a National Planning and Assessment Framework to promote national consistency, efficiency and coordination in infrastructure project evaluations. 

IA is consulting with key stakeholders on the implementation of these changes. 

While this transition process is underway, IA will continue to receive and evaluate proposals according to the current process and assessment framework.  

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The Assessment Framework is designed to help you develop high-quality infrastructure proposals for submission to Infrastructure Australia. It provides a national standard for best-practice infrastructure development and explains our requirements and process for assessing proposals.

The Assessment Framework is divided into an overview and four main volumes, reflecting the four stages of project development and submission. It is supported by detailed technical guidelines.

Detailed technical guidelines

These documents provide you with additional detail to support the development of your proposal, including specific methodologies and approaches you can use when developing your submission to us.

These documents act as a support to the various volumes of the Assessment Framework, which provide the requirements of each stage of proposal development. 

Submission templates and checklists

Use these templates and checklists to check that you have included all necessary information in your submission. 

First, find out which submission stage is most relevant to you and how to submit. Then review the relevant volume of the Assessment Framework and get in touch with us so we can help you prepare your submission. 

You can contact us via email at or call us on (02) 8114 1900.

Other supporting documents