Proposal development training

Infrastructure Australia's Improving Investment Decisions training program has been refreshed following the release and implementation of the 2021 edition of our Assessment Framework.  

This training program is designed for practitioners involved in the development and delivery of business cases or submissions to Infrastructure Australia. This could include:

  • Government officials
  • Project sponsors, directors and managers
  • Business case writers
  • Technical specialists – planners, engineers, economists and demand modellers.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Improving Investment Decisions program, a participant will understand:

  • Infrastructure Australia’s role and processes
  • the purpose and activities of the progressive stages of best-practice infrastructure proposal development in accordance with the Assessment Framework
  • how to apply the Assessment Framework to develop Stage 1 – 4 submissions
  • the information required to support a submission and how Infrastructure Australia assess submissions
  • the value of early engagement with Infrastructure Australia.

Training format

The training program consists of an online introductory module and four workshop modules.

The online module introduces Infrastructure Australia’s role, products and processes. It is a prerequisite to attend the Improving Investment Decisions workshop modules.

The four Improving Investment Decisions workshop modules align with the stages of the Assessment Framework.  They have been designed to be completed consecutively, although can be completed in any order.

Modules are delivered in a workshop format, either in-person or online. Each module takes approximately 2 hours and can be delivered individually or as a package. 

Delivery format is flexible and can be adjusted to suit you organisation’s needs. Examples of in-person and online delivery formats are show below.


Module In-person delivery Online delivery
Module 1 - Defining problems and opportunities Day 1 Week 1
Module 2 - Identifying and analysing options Day 1 Week 2
Module 3 - Developing a business case Day 2 Week 3
Module 4 - Post completion review Day 2 Week 4

The training content and delivery format can be tailored according to your needs. Please contact us by emailing to coordinate a training session for your agency or jurisdiction. 

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