Improving Investment Decisions Workshops

The Improving Investment Decisions workshop modules align with the four stages of the Assessment Framework. The modules can be completed in any order, although it is recommended that they are completed consecutively.

The modules are facilitated and delivered by Infrastructure Australia staff, providing opportunity for detailed discussion and application of Assessment Framework guidance via case studies.

The modules have been designed to be delivered either online or in-person and the delivery format, content and timing can be adjusted to suit your organisation's needs.

Please contact us by emailing to coordinate a training session for your agency or jurisdiction.

Workshop descriptions

Module Description Example In-person delivery format Example Online delivery format
Module 1 - Defining problems and opportunities In Module 1, you will learn how to identify, define and monetise the cost of problems and value of opportunities, including their root causes, to provide a sound foundation for infrastructure investigations. Day 1 Week 1
Module 2 - Identifying and analysing options In Module 2, you will respond to the problem or opportunity from Stage 1, learning how to identify a comprehensive long list of options, then analyse and shortlist these options using robust and defensible tools and decision criteria. You will also discuss common challenges of demand modelling and how to address them. Day 1 Week 2
Module 3 - Developing a business case In Module 3, you will learn how to analyse the shortlisted options identified in Stage 2 in detail. This includes the process of undertaking a cost-benefit analysis, common challenges and how to address them, and how to consider non-monetised impacts. You will then apply Infrastructure Australia’s assessment criteria to identify a preferred option. Day 2 Week 3
Module 4 - Post completion review

In Module 4, you will learn how to plan and undertake a Post Completion Review to review the lessons, benefits and costs of a delivered project.

Day 2 Week 4