M1 Pacific Motorway, Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill

The business case seeks to widen the nine-kilometre section of the M1 Pacific Motorway from six to eight lanes, consolidating on and off ramps, developing managed motorway technology, and extending the South East Busway to Springwood.

M1 Pacific Motorway capacity between Eight Mile Plains and Tugun is included as a High Priority Initiative on the Infrastructure Priority List. The section between Eight Mile Plains and Daisy Hill was evaluated as a Priority Project on 13 June 2019. 

The project will provide additional road capacity by widening an 8.5 km northbound section of the motorway between the Gateway Motorway (at Eight Mile Plains) and Paradise Road (at Daisy Hill), and provide southbound capacity improvements between Rochedale Road and Fitzgerald Avenue (in Springwood). The project would also extend the South East Busway from Eight Mile Plains Busway Station to Springwood Bus Station, providing a new Rochedale Busway Station and park ‘n’ ride facilities. These capacity enhancements would accommodate an additional 25% traffic demand and are expected to relieve congestion in this area for the next 15–20 years.

The project will reduce travel times and improve reliability for users, as well as improve the safety of the motorway. The project also supports public transport usage through busway improvements. Furthermore, the project has strong strategic merit, providing improved access for people travelling between the Gold Coast and Brisbane on this section of the National Land Transport Network. 

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