What Infrastructure Australia does

Infrastructure Australia assesses and prioritises projects and initiatives based on a rigorous evaluation of:

  • Strategic fit
  • Economic, social and environmental value
  • Deliverability.

What is the Infrastructure Priority List?

The Infrastructure Priority List is our prioritised list of nationally significant investments. It provides decision-makers with advice and guidance on specific infrastructure investments that will underpin Australia's continued prosperity.

You can search the Infrastructure Priority List, which is regularly updated, to see which investments have been prioritised across the country, or read the annual publication.

How are proposals added to the Priority List?

Any individual or organisation (but most commonly governments and industry) can submit a proposal to Infrastructure Australia to be considered for inclusion on the Infrastructure Priority List

Proponents can review the submission stages to understand what will be required of them at each stage of the assessment process.

We have developed detailed submission guidelines to help proponents to understand our process for evaluations and what information we need.

How can I keep track of what projects are being assessed?

Our table of project assessments shows you which project business cases we are currently assessing.

It also shows projects we have assessed in the past (including our detailed evaluations of those projects), and projects that we have previously assessed and are now under delivery.