Great Western Highway (Katoomba to Lithgow) Upgrade Program – East & West Sections

Upgrades to the East and West sections of the Great Western Highway is the first stage of the proposed Great Western Highway Upgrade Program. This stage of the program proposes upgrades between Katoomba and Blackheath, and between Little Hartley and Lithgow. Planning and design for the Central section, between Blackheath and Little Hartley, is continuing and will be the subject of a separate business case.

This proposal recommends upgrades to the East and West sections including:

  • New alignment for a four-lane divided carriageway
  • Upgrades to intersections
  • Provision of heavy vehicle rest areas
  • Improvements for active and public transport
  • Landscape treatments
  • Railway station upgrades

The proposal responds to the existing Early-stage (Stage 1) listing on the Infrastructure Priority List for Great Western Highway improvements: Katoomba to Lithgow.

The Australian Government has committed $2.03 billion to the East and West sections.