Circular Quay Renewal

Circular Quay is a popular gateway to many of Sydney’s cultural destinations and one of Sydney’s most important public transport interchanges and public spaces.   
Despite Circular Quay’s strategic importance, the transport infrastructure is ageing and non-compliant, amenity is poor and public spaces are disjointed, detracting from the experience for the millions of people who visit and travel through the area every year. 
The renewal intends to update the transport infrastructure, amenities, activate public spaces, and improve retail offerings and the overall quality of the public domain. 

The proposal aims to: 

  • Strengthen Sydney’s location as a ‘destination of choice’ that activates the public domain, growing the local and tourist economy 

  • ‘Celebrate Country’ by renewing Circular Quay under a shared vision that welcomes everyone and highlights the historical and cultural significance of the area 

  • Integrate sustainable, whole-of-life initiatives into the form, function and operation of Circular Quay.