Recent enhancements to the Infrastructure Priority List

Publication Date
09 April 2021

We are enhancing the Infrastructure Priority List to ensure our advice on national priorities and opportunities for investment is clear and easy to understand.

The Priority List is intended as a guide for government decision-makers on potential future investments in productivity-enhancing infrastructure. As such, from this week, only proposals that are yet to receive funding from the Australian Government will be included on the Priority List.

Reflecting feedback from stakeholders across government and industry, this enhancement will ensure the Priority List provides a pipeline of investment-ready proposals for governments at all levels to consider.

We will continue to assess business cases for any nationally significant proposals that seek more than $250 million in funding from the Australian Government. However, if funding has already been allocated to a proposal, it will no longer be considered for the Priority List, as it will no longer be a potential future investment.

For already funded and committed proposals, our evaluation of funded proposals will focus on identifying delivery risks and opportunities to realise project benefits. These evaluation summaries will still be published in the Project Evaluations section of our website.

We are currently finalising a major refresh of the Infrastructure Australia Assessment Framework to ensure that it is relevant and practical. It responds to stakeholder feedback, improves alignment with state and territory guidelines and seeks to streamline processes where possible. The refreshed Assessment Framework and associated technical guides will be published by July 2021.

Infrastructure Australia’s role is to advise on national infrastructure priorities, assess the social, economic and strategic merits of projects and support best practice business case development. Funding decisions are made by governments or the private sector.