Infrastructure Australia releases its independent evaluation of nine proposals

Publication Date
31 October 2022

Infrastructure Australia has released its independent evaluation of the business cases for the following proposals in line with the Infrastructure Australia Assessment Framework:  

Of the proposals that are unfunded and therefore eligible for inclusion on the Infrastructure Priority List, the Mitchell and Kwinana Freeways Upgrade (Transforming Perth Freeways Phases 2 and 3) in Western Australia has been recommended as ‘Investment-ready’ (Stage 3). 

The Mitchell and Kwinana Freeways Upgrade proposal addresses serious congestion issues on the main north–south arterial road corridor through Perth, which serves both commuter and freight transport. The investment need was identified in the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit. The proposal demonstrates good strategic alignment with government policies and objectives and is expected to deliver considerable net economic benefits to Western Australia while also making better use of existing assets. Smart freeways technology, and infrastructure for active travel purposes are key features of the proposal. The proposal has a benefit-cost ratio of 4.56, indicating that for every $1 investment there is $4.56 in benefits. 

Infrastructure Australia’s evaluation found that the strategic need for Melbourne Airport Rail is strong and the proposal will offer long-term benefits. However, it is recommended that further consideration be given to the timing of delivery to maximise economic and community benefits. Therefore, this proposal has not been progressed on the Infrastructure Priority List at this point in time. 

The Dorset Road Extension and the Napoleon Road Upgrade proposals, both in Victoria, were also not endorsed for inclusion on the Priority List. These proposals intersect with each other, but the business cases considered them separately. We recommend that they are assessed as a single proposal to maximise benefits and minimise costs/risks. 

The remaining projects are fully funded and as such are not eligible for the Infrastructure Priority List. More details on each project can be found on the associated project pages. 

More information about the Infrastructure Australia Assessment Framework can be found on our website: Assessment Framework | Infrastructure Australia