Stage 1 - Defining problems and opportunities

The Assessment Framework is changing in line with amendments to the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008. Find out more here.  

The Stage 1 volume of the Assessment Framework is designed for anyone wishing to make a Stage 1 submission to Infrastructure Australia. 

During Stage 1 of Infrastructure Australia’s assessment process, you will identify and define current or emerging problems and opportunities to be considered for inclusion on the Infrastructure Priority List. You will document the analysis in your Stage 1 submission to Infrastructure Australia. 

Defining problems and opportunities is the first step in developing a proposal. It involves building a strong evidence-base to fully understand the scale and breadth of problems and opportunities. This will give you a sound basis for identifying and analysing options that could respond to this need as part of Stage 2: Identifying and analysing options

This document explains how we will go about assessing your submission. It also outlines tools and methodologies to help you gather the evidence for your submission.