Regional Towns Water Quality and Security Review Report — Volume 1

Publication Date
01 October 2010

This review by AECOM for Infrastructure Australia was initiated in response to a demonstrable need for action to improve water quality and water security outcomes for smaller regional towns. Focusing on utilities that serve towns with populations of between 2,000 and 15,000 residents, it looked at systemic and institutional constraints that were seen as barriers to supplying high quality drinking water and achieving supply security.

The report makes key findings on issues associated with governance arrangements, compliance with the Australian Drinking Water guidelines, management of water and business reporting, planning and management.

The review recommended mandating compliance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines through legislation or regulation; implementing a nationally consistent best practice management framework for all urban water utilities; water pricing reforms; development of a more highly skilled workforce; and reform of the governance structure of regional water facilities in New South Wales and Queensland.