Western Sydney Airport public transport connections

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Western Sydney Airport public transport connections

Access to Western Sydney Airport
Early-stage proposal (Stage 1)
Western Sydney, NSW
Fast-growing cities
Regional Connectivity
Problem/Opportunity timeframe
Medium term (5-10 years)
Proposed By
NSW Government
Date added to the IPL
17 February 2016


As identified in the 2015 Australian Infrastructure Audit, meeting the Sydney region’s future air passenger demand will require expansion of airport capacity beyond Sydney Airport. Much of this demand is expected to be absorbed by the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

Western Sydney Airport will require reliable public transport connectivity, appropriate to the level of demand, to service arriving and departing air passengers, as well as employees and airport, aviation, freight and related businesses. Demand for this connection will increase as the airport commences passenger operations, estimated to be from 2026. Fast and reliable bus connections using dedicated infrastructure, integrated with the broader Sydney rail and public transport network, can help minimise road congestion in Sydney’s Western and South West Growth Areas during the construction of the airport, and following the commencement of operations.


The proposal would provide infrastructure to support bus connections between Western Sydney Airport and the nearby centres of Penrith, St Marys, Liverpool and Campbelltown. This will connect the airport to the broader Sydney rail and public transport network. Where demand warrants it, direct rail access to Western Sydney Airport could also be considered, such as the north–south rail connection committed to as part of the Western Sydney City Deal.

This proposal should be viewed as a potential complementary investment to preserving a rail corridor for connecting Western Sydney Airport, which is separately listed on the Infrastructure Priority List.

The Australian Government and NSW Government have jointly released a scoping study that identifies a longer-term rail network for Western Sydney, with services that would also provide connection to the Western Sydney Airport. This could include the proposed South West Rail Link extension.

Provision of high-quality public transport services from the opening of the airport will provide users with public transport travel choices and minimise reliance on cars. These types of services also provide an opportunity to guide land use planning and activation on key corridors.

Next steps

Proponent to develop potential investment options (Stage 2 of Infrastructure Australia’s Assessment Framework).