Preserve corridor for East Coast High Speed Rail

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Future connectivity between east coast capital cities
High Priority Initiative
Infrastructure Category
Corridor Preservation
Near term (0-5 years)
Melbourne to Brisbane via Sydney
Preserve corridor for East Coast High Speed Rail


By 2075, the combined population of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane is projected to exceed 30 million people. The future demand for efficient, high-capacity transport services between major centres on Australia’s east coast will likely exceed the capacity of existing and planned rail, road and aviation services.

Protecting a corridor would significantly increase options for future development of high speed rail infrastructure to meet future demand for inter-city and regional travel.

Modelling by Infrastructure Australia in 2017 estimates the net cost of protecting and acquiring the corridor as $2.8 billion (2016 prices) using a 7% real discount rate.

Proposed initiative

Confirm and begin the preservation of a corridor, based on the corridor set out in the Australian Government’s High Speed Rail Study Phase 2, for a high speed rail link between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Next steps

Proponent(s) to be identified.