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Publication Date
20 February 2019


Today, Infrastructure Australia launches the 2019 Infrastructure Priority List, the consensus list of the infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years.

The 2019 Infrastructure Priority List is the largest and most comprehensive list of investments ever put forward by Infrastructure Australia. The new edition presents a record 121 nationally significant proposals and a $58 billion project pipeline, including 25 new infrastructure proposals.

Download the full Infrastructure Priority List publication.
Download the list of projects and initiatives.


Infrastructure Australia maintains the Infrastructure Priority List to guide investment towards infrastructure projects that will deliver the best outcomes for Australia’s growing communities. It is an evidence-based list of opportunities to improve Australian living standards and productivity.

Developed using data from the Australian Infrastructure Audit, and submissions from state and territory governments, industry and the community – including more than 100 submissions over the past 12 months – the Priority List provides all levels of government with a list of infrastructure investment opportunities for the near, medium and longer term.

The Priority List is a critical part of the work Infrastructure Australia does to improve the quality of infrastructure planning and delivery across the country. This is furthered by our work to improve the quality of infrastructure business cases through the Infrastructure Decision-making Principles, our Assessment Framework, our continuing collaboration with governments and industry on specific business cases and in workshops around the country.


Since it was first published in this format in 2016, the Priority List has matured and grown, and reflects the diversity of Australia’s future infrastructure needs across transport, energy, water, communications, housing and education.

This year’s Priority List puts a greater focus on the need for nationally coordinated action to meet infrastructure challenges and opportunities, across diverse sectors. This includes addressing overcrowding in remote housing around the country, and the need for a national program of works to address road safety in regional areas, both of which are joining the Priority List this year as High Priority Initiatives.

Many of the projects and potential infrastructure solutions identified in the 2019 Priority List respond to the challenges of population growth in our largest cities, and address the need for frequent and accessible public transport to reduce congestion and maintain Australia’s world-renowned liveability. Others focus on getting the most out of existing infrastructure through the use of smart technology, such as Intelligent Transport Systems.


The 2019 Priority List also acknowledges that forward-thinking, ambitious solutions are needed to support Australia’s future prosperity – such as the delivery of a national fast charging network for electric vehicles, identified as a High Priority Initiative.
Transformative links are being forged between the energy and transport network, and will place additional demands on the electricity grid and pressure on consumer costs. Responding to this and the broader challenges of energy security, the Priority List highlights the need for investment in the connectivity and reliability of our National Electricity Market in the medium to long term, and optimisation in the near term.


The 2019 Priority List is also available as an interactive map on the Infrastructure Australia website, which sets out a detailed view of infrastructure issues and opportunities identified around the country.

The map provides an up-to-date view of the nationally significant investments Australia needs to meet its infrastructure challenges, and is continually updated alongside the Priority List as the Infrastructure Australia Board receives and assesses project business cases.
Visit the interactive map

I would like to sincerely thank the many contributors who have helped us to develop the 2019 Infrastructure Priority List and supported our continued efforts to improve the quality of business cases for major infrastructure proposals.


Kind regards,
Anna Chau
Acting Chief Executive, Infrastructure Australia