Assessment Framework: For initiatives and projects to be included in the Infrastructure Priority List

Publication Date
01 March 2018

The Assessment Framework sets out the process Infrastructure Australia uses to consider initiatives and projects for inclusion on the Infrastructure Priority List. The Framework provides information about what Infrastructure Australia does and how initiatives and projects are assessed, to enable proponents to develop their submissions.

The Assessment Framework was most recently updated in March 2018 to provide guidance in key areas:

  • How climate change risks are treated in the economic appraisal of an infrastructure project (for example, how a mass transit project might be impacted by increasing heat in cities).
  • How to capture land use impacts in the cost-benefit analysis of an infrastructure project (for example, how to better capture the ‘city shaping’ impact of a major transport project that is likely to influence where people live and work).
  • Reviewing and reporting on projects after implementation, to determine if outcomes were achieved and inform future infrastructure decisions. It is critical that we learn from our past projects.

Infrastructure Australia will continue to update the Framework to align with current best-practice, and to respond to feedback from proponents and other stakeholders.

The Infrastructure Australia Act requires that the Framework be reviewed at least every two years. This ensures that it remains current, and consistent with similar frameworks used elsewhere in Australia and overseas.

The Framework and submission templates can be found below: