Infrastructure Australia Recommends a Strategy for Australia's Urban Transport

Publication Date
07 February 2014

Infrastructure Australia released today its Urban Transport Strategy report.

This report heralds urbanisation as the engine for Australia's economic growth and considers the development of an Urban Transport Strategy to be of paramount importance.

In announcing the report, National Infrastructure Co-ordinator, Mr Michael Deegan, observed that the lack of a widely accepted, national strategy for managing, planning and financing urban transport is an impediment to effective transport and productivity in Australia.

Whilst acknowledging the challenges in developing and implementing such a strategy, Mr Deegan stated that ‘Australia needs an urban transport strategy to ensure that our community gets the best value for money in terms of infrastructure spending’.

This strategy would target improved city planning, better use of transport services, and better investment in road and rail infrastructure. It would complement national ports, airports and freight strategies.

Most importantly, the strategy would focus on seeking the right balance between different modes of urban transport. It would deliver an urban transport system that is not only efficient and equitable, but resilient and robust.

The report is available at

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