Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019


Our transport networks connect us to the opportunity to work, learn and socialise. They are vital to our collective economy and productivity, as well as to the quality and cost of living we experience as individuals.

Electrification, automation and rapid improvements in communications technology have the potential to transform our supply chains and our travel habits. These changes also present uncertainty for the transport sector and governments.

Our principal focus in this chapter is on the challenges and opportunities arising from a changing sector. For ease of analysis, this chapter treats passenger and freight transport sectors separately.

Passenger transport looks at:

  • Changing urban travel patterns
  • Technology and the future of passenger cars
  • International, interstate and inter-regional connectivity
  • Funding and maintaining our transport assets
  • Passenger transport sustainability and resilience
  • Safety in the transport sector
  • Transport accessibility and equity

Freight transport looks at:

  • Freight gateways supporting international trade
  • The urban freight challenge
  • Ensuring the national freight network is effective and efficient
  • Unlocking regional economic development through freight

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