World Economic Forum: Paving the Way: Maximizing the Value of Private Finance in Infrastructure, 2010

Publication Date
01 January 2010

This World Economic Forum report examines the opportunities and challenges associated with attracting and involving private investors in the provision of infrastructure.

The report finds that current spending on infrastructure is well below the estimated US$3 trillion per annum required worldwide to support infrastructure development. The role of private financing is therefore critical to ensure that inadequate infrastructure does not reduce economic growth and social progress.

The report aims to provide a common reference point for public and private sectors on what considerations are important to providers of private capital and how the public sector can develop its capacity to address them. It also presents a framework to help policymakers to maximise the value of private finance in supporting infrastructure development.

The report presents a range of key findings and uses 11 case studies based on a variety of regions and projects to illustrate and support those findings and its framework. It also provides an overview of the infrastructure finance market.