UK Treasury: Infrastructure Procurement: Delivering Long Term Value

Publication Date
12 March 2008

This United Kingdom Treasury report examines infrastructure procurement, delivering long-term value.

In 2008 the UK Budget addressed strategic challenges facing the economy, highlighting the importance of infrastructure in delivering public services that meet people's needs and expectations and also economic prosperity and growth.

This report outlines the Government's approach to procurement of significant assets. The report is intended to assist public sector procurers and act as a basis for further dialogue between the public and private sector on how the Government can best meet its investment needs and help drive value for money in complex procurement.

The report sets out the next steps for securing value for money in procurement of significant assets, infrastructure and long-term service provision. It also outlines a framework for infrastructure procurement that drives value for money across a range of procurement approaches, ensures the effective scrutiny of key projects and improves public sector procurement and commercial skills.