Separation of Vehicles–CMV–Only Lanes

Publication Date
01 January 2010

Joint Report of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the National Cooperative Freight Research Program, Transport Research Board of National

This joint report by the US National Cooperative Highway Research Program and National Cooperative Freight Research Program provides final results of research on the feasibility of dedicated commercial motor vehicle (CMV) lanes in the United States.

The interest in CMV–only lanes results from the proposal that CMV–only lanes could be one solution to highway congestion, especially for the movement of high-value, time-sensitive commodities. The report contends that, if CMV–only lanes are shown to be reliable and improve truck productivity and operational efficiency, truckers and shippers would be willing to pay to build and operate the highway lanes.

The report presents an extensive compendium of information about CMV-only lanes and examines major issues and concepts in developing new applications of CMV–only lane concepts as a potential method for both easing congestion and reducing the number of traffic accidents on highways. It proposes that the data it collected will be of benefit to public agencies that may be considering CMV–only lanes.

The report sets out the final results of research on CMV–only lanes and suggests areas for future research to improve the understanding of their performance.