A Pathway to Infrastructure Resilience

Publication Date
19 August 2021

A Pathway to Infrastructure Resilience recommends a whole-of-system, all-hazards approach to resilience planning that focuses on strengthening an infrastructure asset, network and sector, as well as the place, precinct, city, and region that the infrastructure operates within.

Recognising the increasingly complex role infrastructure now plays in supporting resilience, Infrastructure Australia and Infrastructure NSW partnered on this research project to identify opportunities to improve how infrastructure is planned to increase resilience.

We collaborated with 600 experts from across Australia from government, industry, peak bodies, academia and civil society organisations.

From our Pathway to Infrastructure Resilience research project, we have delivered two papers:

  • Advisory Paper 1: Opportunities for systemic change identifies 10 directions for transformational and systemic change in infrastructure planning to achieve infrastructure for resilience.
  • Advisory Paper 2: Guidance for asset owners and operators in the short term identifies a series of short-term actions for asset owners and operators as the first steps towards this change.