Outer Urban Public Transport: Improving accessibility in lower-density areas

Publication Date
26 October 2018

Outer Urban Public Transport: Improving accessibility in lower-density areas is the seventh paper in Infrastructure Australia's Reform Series.

This paper assesses the quality and accessibility of public transport services in Australia’s five largest cities.

Outer Urban Public Transport presents a reform agenda for improving public transport in outer urban areas and for adapting our public transport networks to better service low-density areas, building on recommendations from the 2016 Australian Infrastructure Plan and the 2018 Future Cities paper.


CopyrightCreative Commons licence. This publication should be attributed in the following way: © Infrastructure Australia 2018.

Interactive Maps

The paper is supported by interactive maps for all cities. These show:

  • Inner, middle and outer sector boundaries
  • Walking access to medium- to high-frequency public transport
  • Public transport service frequency during weekday AM peak, weekday off peak, and weekend off peak
  • Public transport travel times to CBDs.
Supporting Information

Data supporting these maps are available for download from data.gov.au in Esri shapefile format:

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