Options for improving the integration of road governance in Australia: The role of local government, August 2009

Publication Date
01 August 2009

This paper summarises the findings and options contained in a study by Allen Consulting entitled Options for Improving the Integration of Road Governance in Australia.

The study examined the role of local government in the road transport system and identified solutions for improving existing road governance arrangements. This paper indicates support for the recommendations of the study and adds some further points that were outside the scope of the Allen Consulting brief.

The paper points out that the National Land Transport Agreement suggested by the study might need to be widened to deal with the additional matters raised in this paper and conclusions of the Council on a National Freight Network.

The paper concludes that, while there is considerable merit in the concept of a National Land Transport Agreement along the lines of other national partnership agreements, governments may be assisted if the content of the agreement was fleshed out with some of the discussion over the National Ports and National Freight Networks strategies.