OECD: Dedicated PPP Units: A survey of institutional and governance structures 2010

Publication Date
01 January 2010

This OECD book gives an overview of dedicated public–private partnership units in OECD member countries. Public–private partnership units enhance the capacity of government to successfully manage the risks associated with a growing number and value of public–private partnerships.

‘Public–private partnership unit’ is defined as an organisation set up with the aid of the government to ensure that necessary competencies to manage third-party provision of goods and services are made available and clustered together within government.

The book includes five case studies: Germany, Korea, the United Kingdom, the State of Victoria in Australia and South Africa (an OECD enhanced engagement country).

The book examines the role that these units play in the procurement process and the lessons for other countries that have or are considering establishing a dedicated public–private partnership unit. It outlines six functions that are undertaken in these units and three models for organising them. It distils some key lessons from the analysis for countries that are planning to establish public–private partnership units.