IAQ and Bond University: What impact will the current capital market conditions have on PPPs?

Publication Date
12 November 2008

This research report by the Infrastructure Association of Queensland and Bond University examines the present and future use of public–private partnerships in Queensland given events in international and domestic credit markets and prevailing capital market conditions.

It seeks to examine whether current volatility and uncertainty in capital markets in Australia affects the feasibility of privately financed infrastructure and specifically the public–private partnership method of procurement given that public–private partnerships are highly dependent on capital markets for many services.

The report examines the likely impact on the use, form and configuration of PPPs. It presents nine key research themes concerning the history and role of public–private partnerships in Australia, the effect of capital markets on public–private partnerships and the outlook in the light of the global financial crisis. It also discusses alternative PPPfunding mechanisms and market opportunities that arise as a result of current financial conditions.

The report also presents an informal finance sector survey, an examination of operational performance of public–private partnerships and a comparative review of procurement efficiency.