Ernst & Young: The journey continues: PPPs in social infrastructure

Publication Date
01 September 2008

This report presents results from a survey conducted by Ernst & Young that sought to discover how the public–private partnership model is performing and to identify best practice in public–private partnership procurement.

Ernst & Young surveyed key public and private sector stakeholders participating in operational social infrastructure PPP projects. The survey sought to uncover information on project effectiveness and whether public–private partnerships are delivering value. The survey interviews focused on less quantifiable benefits flowing from the projects including: end-user satisfaction; the practicalities of contract management; success of the reporting and communication mechanisms; risk allocation; payment mechanisms; and innovation.

The key findings of the report are:

  • PPPs are delivering value for money to the public sector
  • PPPs require collaborative and comprehensive planning
  • effective partnerships must be built on sound relationships between the government agency and the private sector partner.

The report gives three recommendations on best practice for government agencies involved in PPP procurement. It also presents snapshots of the public–private partnership projects discussed in the report.