Developing a National Freight Network Strategy: Perspectives of freight network customers

Publication Date
01 May 2010

This report, prepared for Infrastructure Australia by Allen Consulting, presents perspectives of a sample of freight network customers on the development of a national freight network strategy for Australia.

To further its development of a national freight network strategy, in 2010 Infrastructure Australia prepared the National Freight Network Strategy Background Paper, which considered the case for a strategy, potential definitions of the national freight network, a possible vision, objectives, principles, and a method for identifying priorities and governance arrangements.

Consultations were then held with 16 diverse freight network customers. These consultations, presented in this report, collected customer perceptions of a national freight strategy network; the actions required to establish a national network; how possible definitions of a national network align with freight tasks; and the proposed vision, objectives and underpinning principles of the strategy as set out in Infrastructure Australia's background paper.

The report presents key findings coming out of the consultations and discusses the implications of those findings for the development of a national freight strategy.