Delivering Outcomes

Publication Date
21 March 2022

A roadmap to a more productive and resilient future

A transformational change is needed in how we plan and deliver infrastructure in Australia. This change must focus on delivering better outcomes for the community and for business through a more productive, innovative and sustainable infrastructure sector.

The reforms in this roadmap focus on changes to the way projects are procured and delivered, however the consequences reach into how an asset is managed, operated and maintained across its lifecycle. The reforms identified by this report will have long-term consequences for the services received by infrastructure service users and the community.

To achieve this step-change, seven focus areas of reforms are needed:

  • Outcomes for people and places – Infrastructure investment is driven by delivering economic, social and environmental outcomes to enable people and places to flourish and prosper.
  • Systems – Managing and planning infrastructure as a system drives more informed decision-making leading to higher quality, faster and cheaper infrastructure solutions that better align to the needs of people and places.
  • Digital – Digital transformation will drive productivity and innovation in infrastructure delivery.
  • Collaboration – Collaboration and integration across the ecosystem will drive a financially sustainable and high performing infrastructure industry.
  • Commercial – Commercial alignment and optimisation drives industry financial sustainability and enables innovation.
  • Innovation – Delivery integration and innovative techniques enable increased productivity.
  • People – People wellbeing and resilience
Summary of seven focus areas of reform, underpinned by 30 best practice principles









Summary of seven focus areas of reform, underpinned by 30 best practice principles

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