Cycling Infrastructure for Australian Cities: background paper

Publication Date
01 March 2009

This background paper examines methods for facilitating a modal shift towards cycling as a viable and sustainable means for commuting, local trips and recreation.

Infrastructure Australia conducted a literature review to determine best practice examples of cycling infrastructure networks where a significant modal shift had occurred, the extent of data available about cycling, possible stimulus measures for cycling infrastructure funding and how a revision of policies and standards could improve the integration of cycling in various jurisdictions.

It looked at the health and other benefits to be gained from a modal shift to cycling and ways to encourage cycling as a means of transport. It also identified barriers that may prevent a modal shift to cycling, including the extent of national commitment, the extent of data collection and analysis of user statistics.

It examines a number of projects that have successfully increased the number of people using cycling as a means of transport. It presents specific information on international metropolitan cycling schemes and submissions that Infrastructure Australia has received that relate to cycleways.