2022 Infrastructure Market Capacity report

Publication Date
14 December 2022

Infrastructure Australia is pleased to publish the 2022 Infrastructure Market Capacity report, the most current review of national infrastructure demand and market capacity to deliver.

The report finds that Australia’s public infrastructure pipeline has increased by $15 billion in value over the last 12 months. During this time, labour shortages and the cost of construction materials have risen significantly, 30-year productivity remains low, unfair risk allocation pervades working practices, and the industry has struggled to grow female participation beyond 12% of women working in construction.

The effects of this overheated construction market are evident in rising construction insolvencies, plus likely project delays and cost increases throughout current and upcoming major public infrastructure projects.

Download the report and read why improving risk management and proactively sequencing the major infrastructure pipeline are necessary steps to control the effects of today’s untenable market pressures.