Sydney Gateway

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Connection from WestConnex to Sydney Airport and Port Botany
High Priority Initiative
Infrastructure Category
Proposed By
NSW Government
Near term (0-5 years)
Sydney, NSW
Sydney Gateway


Road congestion on the arterial road network in and around Port Botany and Sydney Airport is growing as port and airport throughput increases, causing significant delays.

Congestion is a problem throughout the day, rather than just at peak times, with the major road links congested for over half the day. Part of this congestion is generated by road freight in and around Port Botany. Truck traffic at Port Botany is estimated to increase by 400% between 2011 and 2030 if the mode share of rail does not increase. Two factors in particular will exacerbate congestion:

  • Imports and exports through Port Botany are likely to grow. The 2011 throughput of 2 million Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEU) per annum at Port Botany is projected to increase to 7 million TEU by 2031, an annual growth rate of approximately 7%.
  • Passenger air travel is expected to grow at high rates. Sydney Airport estimates growth rates at 4.2% per year and 2.9% per year for international and domestic travel respectively. 

Increasing rail’s mode share of both passenger and freight traffic through the precinct will reduce potential demand on the road network over coming years. However, the road network will still need substantial expansion to cater for traffic to and from locations that are only effectively serviced by road.

Proposed initiative

The initiative aims to provide a high-capacity road connection between the WestConnex St Peters interchange and Sydney Airport and Port Botany. This will provide substantial additional capacity in and out of the Sydney Airport and Port Botany precinct, allowing airport and port traffic to avoid local arterial roads when accessing WestConnex and the broader Sydney Motorway network.

Next steps

The New South Wales Government is proceeding with detailed planning and design to progress the delivery of the Sydney Gateway project.