Perth Airport new runway

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Perth airport capacity
Priority Initiative
Infrastructure Category
Proposed By
Private Sector
Medium term (5-10 years)
Perth, WA
Perth Airport third runway


Perth Airport is the fourth busiest in the country. The 2015 Australian Infrastructure Audit found Perth Airport will need additional capacity to meet projected growth in demand. Passenger throughput is projected to increase from 13.7 million in 2013 to 35.4 million in 2045, and total aircraft movements are predicted to grow from 151,300 annually in 2013 to 241,000 in 2045.

This growth is partly driven by the airport’s role as a critical fly-in fly-out transport hub for shift workers travelling to Western Australia’s regional mining operations.

Due to the nature of the resource sector’s deployment of a fly-in fly-out workforce, passenger movements in and out of Perth Airport are concentrated around peak periods.

The high level of demand during peak periods leads to delays, which can lead to higher operating costs for business travellers and fly-in fly-out workers, reducing Australia’s international competitiveness.

Proposed initiative

Construction of an additional runway at Perth Airport to provide capacity needed to meet increasing demand.

Next steps

Proponent to identify initiatives and develop options (Stage 2 of Infrastructure Australia’s Assessment Framework).

The proponent is currently finalising the Draft Major Development Plan for the new runway project.