Bruce Highway – Deception Bay Road Interchange Upgrade

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Road capacity at Deception Bay, South East Queensland
Priority Project
Infrastructure Category
Proposed By
Queensland Government
Near term (0-5 years)
South East Queensland
location of the project

Problem to be addressed

The Deception Bay Road Interchange is located approximately 35 kilometres north of Brisbane Central Business District and 12 kilometres south of Caboolture, and connects Deception Bay Road with the Bruce Highway. It is an important connection for commuters travelling to and from Moreton Bay and surrounding regional areas, and also serves freight trips between the industrial areas of Moreton Bay and Brisbane City.

As a result of growing traffic, the interchange is heavily congested during the morning and evening peak periods. Traffic queues back up along exit ramps and can sometimes block lanes on the Bruce Highway. In addition to significant congestion, there is also a safety problem at the interchange, with 255 reported crashes on the highway or on the nearby connector roads over the decade to 2017. These are issues that are likely to worsen as the populations of Moreton Bay and its surrounding regions grow and increase pressure on the road network.

Project description

The Deception Bay Road Interchange Upgrade proposes new parallel bridges over the Bruce Highway, upgrading signalised intersections on Deception Bay Road and increasing the length and capacity of existing entry and exit ramps.

Economic, social and environmental value

The Queensland Government’s economic evaluation of the project reports a net present value (NPV) of $234 million, with a benefit-cost ratio (BCR) of 3.03 using a 7% real discount rate and P90 capital costs. Infrastructure Australia considers that the project has strategic merit and is confident that the benefits of the project will exceed its costs and that the proposed delivery model is appropriate.