Industry submissions for Infrastructure Australia’s Regional Strengths and Gaps project

Publication Date
01 April 2021

Industry consultation


Infrastructure Australia has recently commenced a Regional Strengths and Gaps project, aiming to provide a national view of the diverse strengths and infrastructure gaps facing Australia’s regions, to identify priority areas for future planning and analysis. 

By identifying these gaps, Infrastructure Australia hopes to encourage governments, industry and the community to come forward with solutions to address these challenges.

The project includes regions as defined by the Regional Development Australia (RDA) boundaries, focusing on 48 regions and consulting with state committees.

An important part of this project is capturing the views of industries working in our regions to inform the prioritisation process via this open submission process. Your submission will be used as one of the inputs into the identification and prioritisation process for each RDA.

Following a national consultation process, a Regional Strengths and Gaps report will be released by Infrastructure Australia. The report will detail the strengths and prioritised infrastructure gaps for each RDA.

We appreciate your time and effort to complete a submission. Submissions will close on Tuesday 20 April.

If you wish to provide feedback for multiple regions, please complete separate forms (one for each region).

Please click on the link below this form if you wish to submit documentation (PDF or word format) in support of your answers (e.g. research report or similar evidence in support of identified regional strengths and infrastructure gaps). 

Please email if you have any questions or experience issues completing the survey.