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21 March 2022

Today we're proud to publish Delivering Outcomesan industry reform roadmap to address the long-term challenges facing Australia’s infrastructure sector, including poor productivity, the increasing number of insolvencies and cost overruns and delays in the delivery of major projects.

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Currently, infrastructure planning, decision-making and delivery falls short of consistent best practice in Australia. Procurement and contracting arrangements are driving poor investment outcomes, a lack of project coordination is creating capacity constraints, and the potential of digital transformation remains unharnessed.

Informed by extensive consultation with more than 200 industry leaders, this new report from Infrastructure Australia underscores the need for Australia’s governments and industry to work collaboratively to advance sector-wide reform.

“This roadmap sets out tangible actions over the next 10 years to transform how infrastructure is planned and delivered in Australia to support a more productive, innovative, and financially resilient infrastructure sector,” said our Chief Executive Romilly Madew.

“As we highlighted in the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan, and 2021 Infrastructure Market Capacity report, national infrastructure sector reform is critical to successfully deliver Australia’s historic infrastructure pipeline and support the national economic recovery, including from the COVID-19 pandemic."

With a record $225 billion in major infrastructure investments committed by governments across the country between now and 2023-24, as well as investments being planned and delivered by the private sector, it is vital that infrastructure is planned, sequenced, procured and delivered effectively to ensure we reap the economic and social benefits.

Delivering Outcomes amounts to an industry change plan. Developed in partnership with the very leaders who are critical in driving transformational change, it is a roadmap to improve the productivity of the sector, lift capacity and capability, promote innovation, embed sustainability and strengthen the Australian industry in the face of shocks and stressors."

This report has been developed to support policy makers, infrastructure owners, delivery agencies and the broader industry to improve productivity and to provide clear priorities for innovation, and the models to embrace it.

Infrastructure Australia welcomes your views on our recommendations, the period for comment on this report has been extended. Comments are now requested by 27 May 2022.

Delivering Outcomes was launched at today’s Committee of Economic Development in Australia's (CEDA’s) Infrastructure Conference: Is Australia's big infrastructure build delivering value? in Sydney.

The conference considers how Australia's infrastructure sector can refocus to be more efficient, sustainable and sensitive to community expectations.

Reform focus areas

  • Outcomes for people and places – Infrastructure investment is driven by delivering economic, social and environmental outcomes to enable people and places to flourish and prosper.
  • Systems – Managing and planning infrastructure as a system drives more informed decision-making leading to higher quality, faster and cheaper infrastructure solutions that better align to the needs of people and places.
  • Digital – Digital transformation will drive productivity and innovation in infrastructure delivery.
  • Collaboration – Collaboration and integration across the ecosystem will drive a financially sustainable and high performing infrastructure industry.
  • Commercial – Commercial alignment and optimisation drives industry financial sustainability and enables innovation.
  • Innovation – Delivery integration and innovative techniques enable increased productivity.
  • People – People wellbeing and resilience

We want to hear from you

This report was developed through engagement with hundreds of stakeholders from industry and government, however, we acknowledge we may not have considered all relevant data, evidence or industry conditions.

We welcome your views on our recommendations, an expanded evidence base or potential future areas of analysis.

The period for comment on this report has been extended. Comments are now requested by 27 May 2022.