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Publication Date
27 March 2018

Infrastructure Priority List

Good morning,

Infrastructure Australia has today released the 2018 Infrastructure Priority List, identifying a $55 billion pipeline of nation-shaping infrastructure investments in our cities and regions. 

We are pleased to include 96 major infrastructure proposals in this year's Priority List, including six High Priority Projects, six Priority Projects, 24 High Priority Initiatives and 60 Priority Initiatives.

New investment-ready projects like the $1 billion Brisbane Metro and the $800 million Beerburrum to Nambour rail upgrade in South East Queensland have been prioritised because of their potential to deliver national productivity gains.

We have also identified new initiatives to improve rail network capacity in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to meet unprecedented demand in these growing capital cities.

This year for the first time, the Priority List has been published alongside an interactive map that provides an up-to-date view of the nationally-significant investments Australia needs to meet its future infrastructure challenges.

Watch our short explainer video on how to use the interactive map.

Our goal is to support better infrastructure decision making and delivery in Australia, and we hope this new online tool will help governments, stakeholders and the broader community engage with our recommendations.

Meeting the challenges of the future

The 2018 Priority List recognises that although Australia's growing population brings exciting opportunities to boost our productivity and quality of life, it's vital that our infrastructure is up to the task.

We must invest our infrastructure dollars wisely to maintain our existing services and build new infrastructure when and where it is most needed.

For our part, Infrastructure Australia has established a consistent, transparent process around how projects are assessed and Australia's key infrastructure priorities are determined.

The 2018 Priority List represents an opportunity for our leaders to look beyond elections and budgetary cycles and make evidence-based decisions on the best use of our limited infrastructure funding.

Projects entering the delivery phase

As we identify new opportunities for investment, we are pleased to see $25 billion worth of projects move off the Priority List and into the delivery phase.

This includes Melbourne Metro Rail and Murray Basin Rail in Victoria, the Adelaide–Tarcoola Rail Upgrade Acceleration in South Australia, Bringelly Road Upgrade Stage 2 in Western Sydney and the progressive upgrades of the Bruce Highway in Queensland.

This is a testament to the effectiveness of the Priority List in providing clear advice to governments on the projects that represent the best use of our infrastructure funding.

We have been pleased with the input we have received from across Australia by all levels of government, as well as from the business sector and the community in developing the 2018 Priority List.

However, the Priority List remains a ‘living document’ and we look forward to receiving and assessing more business cases to support better infrastructure decision-making and delivery in Australia.

Thank you.

Julieanne Alroe,
Chair, Infrastructure Australia