Chair's newsletter

Publication Date
28 October 2016

Good Afternoon,

Today Infrastructure Australia published its 2015–16 Annual Report to Parliament, detailing a year of strong delivery against our mandate to guide nationally-significant infrastructure investment and reform.

Over the past year, we have been working hard to help Australian governments prepare for changes in infrastructure demand and guide investment in the projects that deliver the best outcomes for our growing communities.

In February 2016, we delivered the first 15-year Australian Infrastructure Plan, which includes 78 recommendations on the reforms and investments needed to improve our economic productivity and enhance our enviable quality of life.

We also published a revised Infrastructure Priority List setting out the projects that our Board believes represent the most productive use of our infrastructure funding.

Since the release of the revised Priority List in February, we have seen a record number of business cases both submitted to Infrastructure Australia and positively assessed by the Infrastructure Australia Board.

Adding these 14 positively assessed projects to our Infrastructure Priority List demonstrates that they are sound investments that help address today's infrastructure gaps and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

These projects will alleviate urban congestion, enhance our export capabilities and improve interstate freight connectivity, which will allow Australia to make the most of our population growth and proximity to the booming economies of China and south-east Asia.

With a strong pipeline of business cases continuing to be received and assessed in coming months and a clear reform agenda, Infrastructure Australia remains focused on supporting better infrastructure decision-making and delivery.

In the coming year, our focus will be on encouraging deeper investment in strategic planning, feasibility studies and detailed business cases to support better outcomes for infrastructure users.

We look forward to continuing to work with each level of government and the wider community to progress initiatives that deliver the best social, economic and environmental outcomes for all Australians.


Mark Birrell, Chairman