CEO's update

Publication Date
01 March 2019

Good morning,

Infrastructure Australia is committed to ensuring that decisions on infrastructure funding and reform are based on independent, evidence-based advice.

We want to make our advice as accessible as possible to all Australians – be they community members, those responsible for developing project business cases, or infrastructure decision-makers.

We need your help to do this.

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The 2019 Infrastructure Priority List, which we released in February, provides a clear investment pathway to meet the challenges and opportunities of a growing Australia and maintain the world-class liveability of our cities and regions.

We are pleased that the 2019 Priority List continues to act as a catalyst for debate around the need for strategic planning and investment to deliver on this promise.

Over the past month, we have been busy meeting with many of our key stakeholders around the country to discuss the strategic investment opportunities highlighted in the 2019 Priority List.

We held an official launch event for the 2019 Priority List in Canberra, where our Chair, Julieanne Alroe, called for infrastructure planning to evolve to meet the increasingly complex challenges ahead of us.

Speaking at an Infrastructure Association of Queensland event focused on what the 2019 Priority List means for Queensland on February 26, the Chair also acknowledged the significance of the growth challenges facing our cities and regions and the need to act strategically and seize the opportunities in front of us.

Earlier in the month, I spoke at the ARA Light Rail conference in Melbourne about the importance of improving long-term planning and project selection for transport networks, and the role light rail might play in an integrated transport network.

This week, I also addressed CEDA NSW’s Technology Shaping Cities event in Sydney, where I discussed the 2019 Priority List and its focus on prioritising forward-looking investments that make the most of technological change.

Record number of business cases under assessment

We are pleased to share that Infrastructure Australia is assessing a record number of business cases this month, with nine business case evaluations currently underway and further submissions expected in the coming weeks.

We publish a table of active business case evaluations on our website, including the date at which the business case was accepted for evaluation by Infrastructure Australia and its current status. This table is regularly updated as we receive and accept new business cases for evaluation.

In the months ahead, we hope the 2019 Infrastructure Priority List will continue to drive debate about our future infrastructure priorities, and the need for the innovative and coordinated action to meet the challenges ahead.

Thank you again for your continued collaboration and support, as we continue to work towards better infrastructure decision-making and delivery for the benefit of all Australians.


Kind regards,
Anna Chau
Acting Chief Executive, Infrastructure Australia