Press Release: Infrastructure Australia Visits Pilbara Region

Publication Date
25 July 2012

Infrastructure Australia is visiting the Pilbara region this week to gain first-hand insights into the development and infrastructure issues facing this vitally important part of Australia.

Infrastructure Australia Chairman, Sir Rod Eddington AO, said, “Infrastructure Australia continues to have a deep interest in the north-west region.”

“The region is hugely important for our country.”

Infrastructure Australia is meeting with business and indigenous leaders, representatives from the Western Australian Government and community members to discuss the opportunities and needs of this region.

Sir Rod said, “There is no substitute for seeing the mines and ports for yourself, and for hearing from locals what they are trying to achieve.”

“We can then get a better idea of where well-conceived infrastructure development can support their objectives and, in turn, the country.”

Infrastructure Australia is also looking to learn about the Western Australia Government's Pilbara Cities initiative.

“We want to learn more, not only about the ‘hard’ infrastructure such as ports and railways, but also about the ‘soft’ or social infrastructure such as schools and health facilities that are required to grow this region and support the many people living in the north-west,” said Sir Rod.

Infrastructure Australia will draw upon the insights from the visit as it continues its work in advising governments, industry and the community on Australia's infrastructure needs.

Contact: Stephen Alchin—0408 668 614 or 02 8114 1903.