Press Release: Improving Major Infrastructure Procurement

Publication Date
19 July 2012

Today, Infrastructure Australia released a comprehensive report detailing a set of benchmarks to improve efficiency in the procurement of major infrastructure.

The report highlights that current procurement practices make the bidding process, project delivery and ongoing operations more difficult, time consuming and costly than necessary—both for government and the private sector.

The report argues for the consistent application of best practice approaches to procurement, to reduce timeframes and costs and make bidding for contracts more attractive and more competitive.

The report identifies a series of best practice performance benchmarks and incentives that are aimed at promoting the adoption of best practice Australia-wide.

The report sets challenging turn-around times for government procurement agencies. If consistently achieved, this would result in significant cost savings and make infrastructure projects much more attractive to bidders.

The Chair of the Infrastructure Australia Council, Sir Rod Eddington, called on governments and the private sector to work together to lift their performance. “To get this country moving, we need everyone involved in the funding, financing and delivery of infrastructure to consistently perform at the highest levels,” said Sir Rod.

“The release of this report will be a game changer in how we procure the infrastructure we use daily.”

“The challenge for industry and governments will be in ensuring that they pull together for the common good of the nation,” said Sir Rod.

The report is available on Infrastructure Australia's website at

For media enquiries, please contact Michael Deegan, Infrastructure Coordinator, on (02) 8114 1900.